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  • 03:54 Popular Yeshu Tera Naam Sabse Ooncha Hai

    Yeshu Tera Naam Sabse Ooncha Hai

    by Godwin Robby Added 2,062 Views / 0 Likes

    Song:Yeshu tera Naam sabse ooncha hai Chords:G,C,F,Am, D Verse 1 Jis Naam me hai mukti Jis Naam me hai Shakti Jis Naam me hai Shanti Deta voh Naam Changai Jis Naam me hai zindagi Yeshu hai vo Naam Jis Naam me hai bandagi Yeshu hai vo Naam ~The name that i

  • 04:13 Popular yeshu thume

    yeshu thume

    by Godwin Robby Added 772 Views / 0 Likes

    dear friends I may not now you very well but I now something which will help you in your life. If you are in the state of confusion not knowing what will be next is my experience I would like to share Friends! you will find pleasure in many way

  • 06:10 Popular Hum Gaye haleluiya.wmv

    Hum Gaye haleluiya.wmv

    by Godwin Robby Added 546 Views / 0 Likes

    For Best results pls connect to powered speakers and subwoofer system. It was also my desire to compose an all time Simple Worship song, that would signify the love on the cross for a sinner like me The Translation is as follows Hum aaye Yeshu, Tere Baho

  • 03:14 Popular Aaj Ji Uttha

    Aaj Ji Uttha

    by Godwin Robby Added 938 Views / 0 Likes

    Hindi Christian Song Hindi Christian Geet Hindi Christmas Song : Aaj Ji Uttha

  • 04:30 Popular Yehovah Yiree........(Jose George, Holybeats)

    Yehovah Yiree........(Jose George, Holybeats)

    by Godwin Robby Added 757 Views / 0 Likes

    Yehovah Yiree..Hindi Christian Song(Singer: Jose George, Holybeats)Album "sthuthigeeth"(HOLYBEATS) produced by Paul John NY. and the orchestra conduced by Sephen Devassy. Thanks for watching and God Bless You

  • 07:06 Popular Kavita krishna murti--Ae khudawand bata

    Kavita krishna murti--Ae khudawand bata

    by Godwin Robby Added 1,149 Views / 0 Likes

    Ae khudawand bata khudawand bata BY kavita krishna murti

  • 05:14 Popular Aao hum yahova ke liye

    Aao hum yahova ke liye

    by Godwin Robby Added 872 Views / 0 Likes

    By TT Productions This is the live recording from the "Anmol Sangati" Musical night. Here's the Lyrics in English: [E] Aao hum yehova ke liye Unche swar se [A] gayey [E]Apni mukhti ki chattan [B] ka [B7]Jai jaikar [E] karein VERSE: [E]Dhanyavad karte [A]h

  • 06:04 Popular Prabhu Thera Pyaar...[]

    Prabhu Thera Pyaar...[]

    by Godwin Robby Added 623 Views / 0 Likes

    Prabhu Thera Pyaar...[Hindi Christian Song]

  • 04:54 Popular Tere Jai [  ] [Vijay Benedict]

    Tere Jai [ ] [Vijay Benedict]

    by Godwin Robby Added 813 Views / 0 Likes

    Vijay Benedict has been a Bollywood playback singer who sung the song for Disco Dancer in 1984 has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and now lives happily in Mumbai. He has sung for over 35 Indian films before he found the salvation. He focused

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