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  • 06:28 Popular Kruz ki Kahani

    Kruz ki Kahani

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    1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 The Coming of the Lord 13Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. 14We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will brin

  • 05:01 Popular Usha Uthup - -hai yehi prathana

    Usha Uthup - -hai yehi prathana

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    Usha Uthup-Hindi Christian Song-hai yehi prathana

  • 04:05 Popular Jay Jay Prabhu Yeshu Ki

    Jay Jay Prabhu Yeshu Ki

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    Song: Jay Jay Prabhu Yeshu Ki Chords:G,C,D,Am Verse 1 Khoon ki dhara beheti suli se Jisme dhule sab paap Dholo tum bhi apne hruday ko Jisme rahe na daag ~All sins get washed away in the streams of blood that flow from the Cross ~Wash your heart in this bl

  • 00:51 Popular [ Parama pita ki hum stuti ]

    [ Parama pita ki hum stuti ]

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    Hindi Christian Song [ Parama pita ki hum stuti ] I recorded this music back in 2005 using my Yamaha PSR 740. Hope it will be useful for other believers. Please pass on your comments and suggestions. -Blesson

  • 04:55 Popular Mahima Mahima...|

    Mahima Mahima...|

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    Hallelujah Hallelujah Jai Yeshu Ki...| Hindi Christian Song

  • 04:15 Popular Aa Prabhu Yeshuaa

    Aa Prabhu Yeshuaa

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    Song: Aa Prabhu Yeshuaa Chords : G Major Chorus: Aa Prabhu Yeshu aa mujh me ho teri mahima Verse 1: Aradhana hum karte hei poore dil aur man se teri mahima gaate hei aur hum kahte hei dil se kahte hei Aa Prabhu... Verse 2: Tere bhawan mei, hum aate hei sa

  • 03:01 Popular Pavithra Aatma aa

    Pavithra Aatma aa

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    Song: Pavithra Aatma aa Chords: G,C,D Pavithra Aatma aa (2) Mujhe le jao Yeshu ke charnon mein Pavithra aatma aa ~Welcome Holy Spirit nd take me to the feet of Jesus Verse 2 Gutne tikakar sar jhukakar Hath badatha tere liye Sirf tere liye... ~On my knees

  • 04:59 Popular Ye Mere Man...[]

    Ye Mere Man...[]

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    Ye Mere Man....a nice song by Virendra....

  • 04:06 Popular Gao Hallelujah

    Gao Hallelujah

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    Song : Gao Hallelujah Chords: G,C,Am,F,D Verse 1 Yeshu ne humein chudaya hai paapon ki jal se Yeshu ne humein bachaya hai shaitan ki chaal se (2) To gao Hallelujah ~Jesus has rescued us from the trap of sins ~Jesus has saved us from the schemes of the dev

  • 03:44 Popular Hindi Christian Christmas song - Pehle se Kehdai - Hindi Christian Worship song (Ashley Joseph)

    Hindi Christian Christmas song - Pehle se Kehdai - Hindi Christian Worship song (Ashley Joseph)

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    Christian Hindi Worship song, This is a wonderful worship song which you can use for worship in your Church. For lyrics on hindi worship songs please visit Now you can Purchase My latest album "Na Honge Juda" online. Please visit the link

  • 05:08 Popular Dukh Mere

    Dukh Mere

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    Hindi Christian Song Hindi Christian Geet Hindi Christmas Song : Dukh Mere Jai Jai Masih Ki hindi christian song geet sangeet christmas bada din hindi gospel songs

  • 06:57 Popular jo krus pe kurbaan hai

    jo krus pe kurbaan hai

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    I wanted a quick video of one of my fav songs and my friend Dony did a quick thing, so dont worry about the video, we'll update it again, Enjoy the song by Vijay Benedict! chk out dese websites for more songs.. insearchofpeac

  • 04:06 Popular Jagjit singh -  - Sachi Baat Kahi Thi Maine

    Jagjit singh - - Sachi Baat Kahi Thi Maine

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    Sachi Baat kahi Thi Maine

  • 06:37 Popular Hey Mere Man Yehovah Ko - UECF Choir

    Hey Mere Man Yehovah Ko - UECF Choir

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    United Evangelical Christian Fellowship (UECF), New Jersey, USA is anInter-Denominational Asian Indian Christian Church started by Telugu Christians. We welcome everyone to come, worship and be Blessed! We meet every Sunday evening at 5:30 PM at 150 Lake

  • 05:32 Popular Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

    Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

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    Oh LORD my GOD, open my eyes and lead me to LIGHT, straighten my PATH and walk me in YOUR my SONG.

  • 05:06 Popular , Rock Sitar Fusion.

    , Rock Sitar Fusion.

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    A Christian song composed, sung in Hindi, and played on sitar by Sanjeeb Sircar in praise of Jesus. Drums -- Stanley Vaz, Keyboards -- Ashley Vaz, Bass -- Ashang. (Please note this is not a professional quality recording but you may enjoy it if you overlo

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