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  • 06:37 Popular Hey Mere Man Yehovah Ko - UECF Choir

    Hey Mere Man Yehovah Ko - UECF Choir

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    United Evangelical Christian Fellowship (UECF), New Jersey, USA is anInter-Denominational Asian Indian Christian Church started by Telugu Christians. We welcome everyone to come, worship and be Blessed! We meet every Sunday evening at 5:30 PM at 150 Lake

  • 06:01 Popular , sung by Anil Kant and Reena Kant, Music: Sachin Dev Das

    , sung by Anil Kant and Reena Kant, Music: Sachin Dev Das

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    This new album is produced and directed by Sachin Dev Das. It features famous bollywood singers such as Jagjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas, Shaan, Toshi, Abhaas, Jamie, Anil Kant and his family and anchored by Johnny Lever. This song is sung by Anil Kant and his

  • 05:06 Popular , Rock Sitar Fusion.

    , Rock Sitar Fusion.

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    A Christian song composed, sung in Hindi, and played on sitar by Sanjeeb Sircar in praise of Jesus. Drums -- Stanley Vaz, Keyboards -- Ashley Vaz, Bass -- Ashang. (Please note this is not a professional quality recording but you may enjoy it if you overlo

  • 06:04 Popular Prabhu Thera Pyaar...[]

    Prabhu Thera Pyaar...[]

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    Prabhu Thera Pyaar...[Hindi Christian Song]

  • 05:22 Popular Yeshu Bula Raha Hain []

    Yeshu Bula Raha Hain []

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    A Hindi song by Virendra... I love his voice...

  • 06:10 Popular Hum Gaye haleluiya.wmv

    Hum Gaye haleluiya.wmv

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    For Best results pls connect to powered speakers and subwoofer system. It was also my desire to compose an all time Simple Worship song, that would signify the love on the cross for a sinner like me The Translation is as follows Hum aaye Yeshu, Tere Baho

  • 04:59 Popular Ye Mere Man...[]

    Ye Mere Man...[]

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    Ye Mere Man....a nice song by Virendra....

  • 05:32 Popular Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

    Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

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    Oh LORD my GOD, open my eyes and lead me to LIGHT, straighten my PATH and walk me in YOUR my SONG.

  • 04:39 Popular shunnya se ...

    shunnya se ...

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    shunnya se ...Hindi christian song

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