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  • 03:45 PRAY


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    Pray the word and will of God....

  • 04:45 Here we are- .wmv- with lyrics

    Here we are- .wmv- with lyrics

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    Don Moen

  • 05:39 Popular Potters Hand -  (Hillsong)

    Potters Hand - (Hillsong)

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    I've seen clay being fashioned into pottery on TV several times. This was my first live demo. We saw this in a place called Kumarakom by a local potter. It was much more breathtaking seeing the real thing! It took about 10 minutes to transform the ugly lu

  • 07:28 I Adore

    I Adore

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    Hillsong. Darlene Zschech sings I ADORE

  • 08:36 Thank You Lord

    Thank You Lord

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  • 04:55 Sings Hallelujah July 2007 conference

    Sings Hallelujah July 2007 conference

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    Darlene Zschech sings hallelujah our God reigns from the July 2007 hillsong conference.



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  • 07:06 Popular (Hillsong) - To You - w/lyrics

    (Hillsong) - To You - w/lyrics

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    From her album "Extravagant Worship". No copyright infringement intended, I don't own the picture and the song, I just want to share it here so that it can be a blessing.

  • 00:37 invites you to Just Worship 09

    invites you to Just Worship 09

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    Friday 14th Aug 09 7:30pm - doors open 6:30pm metrochurch hosts this annual worship event bringing together Christians from all over Perth and WA. On the night, we will have the awesome opportunity to contribute directly to improving the fresh water suppl

  • 01:20 You make me lay down

    You make me lay down

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    Don Moen - You make me lay down You make me lie down In green pastures You make me wanting for nothing You fill my hunger With honey from your sweet sweet word You let me worship before you So I will love you and adore you You are my Shepherd You are my J

  • 02:14 Popular Pastor  - Deeper Prayer

    Pastor - Deeper Prayer

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    This is an awesome prayer and exhortation by Pastor Darlene Zschech, it blesses me everytime i hear it. Lyrics: Father, Father, You hear our hearts this morning We did not want to settle; We did not want to find our comfortable position and Put up our ten

  • 04:46 Power of Your love

    Power of Your love

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    Power of Your love, by Darlene Zschech and Hillsong

  • "I ADORE" - Blessed

    "I ADORE" - Blessed

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    Hillsong Music Autralia sings "I ADORE" from their live album "Blessed" led by the gifted songwriter/worship leader Darlene Zschech, Reuben Morgan, Marty Sampson, Miriam Webster and the rest of the musicians and choirs of Hillsong church.....enjoy and God

  • 05:24 Through It All

    Through It All

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    Worship video with lyrics.

  • 05:36 ( Part 5 of 10 )

    ( Part 5 of 10 )

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  • 05:31 Popular Agnus Dei (Change Your World)

    Agnus Dei (Change Your World)

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    Agnus Dei of Darlene Zschech. CD "Change Your World". Facebook: Pablo N. Rivera

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