Ex-Korn Guitarist Finally at Peace

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The lead guitarist for the heavy metal group Korn recently shocked the music world when he announced that he was leaving the band.Brian Welch had become a born-again Christian. He followed his announcement with a trip to Israel, where he was baptized in the Jordan River. Welch came to the banks of the Jordan River to be baptized along with members of the Valley Bible Fellowship churches. It marked the end of one life and the beginning of another. Pastor Ron Vietti said, "We're telling everybody that we've chosen to die with Christ. What we're doing is we're burying you. And you're dead. When you come up, [you will be] a new person like Jesus was a new person, when He was resurrected from the dead." Welch's announcement that he became a follower of Jesus Christ rocked the heavy metal music world. Korn is one of the most popular heavy metal groups in music today. It has earned multiple platinum albums and has loyal fans around the world. But Welch says his journey from a rock star lifestyle to his new life is incomparable. Welch said, "I've done hard drugs, I've done soft drugs. I've seen everything. I've done what teenagers dream about, especially guys. I've seen all that, and no drug or nothing compares with walking with the Lord." Welch's visit attracted attention from press around the world, and a curious question from CNN about baptism. CNN asked Welch, "Do you really think your whole being is going to be changed in just in a few minutes?" Welch replied, "Yep. It's going to be changed. It's going to be changed." Watch. Interview me afterwards. You'll see. You'll see peace. I believe that."After Welch was baptized, he told CNN, "I told you right before. Remember? I told you I was angry. I'm not angry anymore. I just want to serve God, and do what He wants me to do, and that's to teach people that this is real. I just want to see kids, whatever, come to the Lord." Welch says God delivered him from both an addiction to methamphetamine and an empty lifestyle, a story that reminds some of the time Jesus said, he who is forgiven much, loves much. Welch commented, "I came to Him and I seeked (sic) Him with everything I had. Everything I had. Because nothing else worked in the world.No money. I have all kinds of money, and nothing worked. And that's why this is so important to me, because He came through 100 percent." Pastor Vietti has been a pastor for 30 years, and says Welch's faith is genuine. He remarked, "This kid's the real deal. I think if I've ever seen one, he's thereal deal. He's got such childlike faith." Vietti says Welch's testimony has already had an impact. Vietti interviewed Welch recently at Valley Bible Fellowship in Bakersfield, California. The interview, which can be seen on the church's Web site, reached a lot of people with the Gospel. Vietti said, "We interviewed him during the service. The word got out. MTV was at church. I love it when MTV comes to church. MTV and CNN. We've been contacted, and we had about 250 people saved last Sunday. And a lot of them had Korn shirts on. Some of them drove 33 hours from Indiana. Some came from Florida. Between a half a million and a million hits on our Internet in two to three days. So it's had a bigger impact that I thought it would have." Vietti knows the pitfalls for celebrities accepting Jesus Christ, but he hopes Christians around the world will pray for Welch. He also believes godly discipleship will be vital. "I think it's my duty to latch onto Brian and stay close to him, and it isn't hard to do because he wants to stay close to me, and he calls me several times a day. So, I think discipleship is going to be key." Welch has already begun writing music about his new found relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Vietti believes Welch has a great potential to reach millions of young people with the Gospel.

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